April 21, 2012

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This is just a wonderful article and no doubt memorable.


Take a look on your shelf, in your closet, garage and every other room. You may notice that you have acquired a great deal of “stuff” over the years. Now ask yourself, how often do you use all of your “stuff?” Most will find that its not too often that we take an item off of the shelf or out of a box. It stays put, covered in dust most of the time dwelling within the sphere of acquisition.

Though many things that we keep are indeed useful, and have their time for use which may or may not be all that often; most are simply objects taking up space. This space could be used much more wisely, much like the infinite space within the heart.

If you’ve ever ridden on the schoolbus as a child, you know the name of this game. Too many kids cramped on vinyl seats…

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April 2, 2012

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Posting from my other site…about my favorite memory of service to the Lord.

Daily Pep Talk


One of the reasons it takes devotion and courage to walk out the Christian life is because waiting is a big part of it.  (Who likes to wait?)  Well, I intentionally waited with patience this week on some pressing issues; by the grace of God, to be honest, it wasn’t even difficult.  Frankly, it has been a special time lately such as I haven’t experienced in a while, as though God’s hand is on me, helping me behave.

My patience this week paid off – all of the issues that were such a problem in my new home were amazingly resolved.  So I’m reminded that waiting really is an awesome thing, if you’re waiting for what God wants you to be patient for.

I once waited for 12 years for the opportunity to minister.  It’s what I wanted to do more than anything, but the good Lord had spoken…

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March 30, 2012

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There are perks to being a Christian, and I share about God’s favor in this post on my primary website.

Daily Pep Talk

I felt a little bit like a fraud this week as I stuffed down the inclination of my flesh to have a fit followed by a pity party. But I put on Christ by choosing to submit to the Spirit, believing that I would bear the fruits of the Spirit in spite of myself. God met me more than halfway and blessed me to be a reflection of His peace at home and everywhere else I went. One result of my calm demeanor was what seems to me and my family like a downright miracle.

I actually thought I had a visitation from heaven when a man at a certain phone store gave me a replacement of a nice smartphone that I purchased 50 days before and that was now completely inoperable. The tricky part was that I bought the phone at one of the “unofficial” outlets, and they wouldn’t…

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March 28, 2012

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The last time the pressure was really on, I failed the test. Although I’m really tempted to throw a wall-eyed fit, this time I’m staying peaceful and calm…This post is found at my main website, Daily Pep Talk.

Daily Pep Talk

I currently look and feel like a human bruise.  During my little family’s move into a larger apartment with nice wooden floors, I suffered two bad falls and simply got seriously banged up.  The amazing part, though, was that my arms and hands which had failed me so completely just days before held up just fine.

For the second time since beginning this blog, I feel numb.  There’s so much to be thankful for but at the same time so much is just plain difficult.  I find myself wondering if I took a wrong step or if I’m simply in the midst of a refining process.  The deed is done (the move), and I’ve discovered that as I face a flood of new challenges, God is faithful to keep me from drowning.

A natural tendency I have is to fight for what I think is right.  While fighting is definitely…

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March 26, 2012

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This is my latest post on my primary blog. Has a bumper sticker ever changed your life?

Daily Pep Talk

You know how a person’s tongue will sometimes stick out a little when they’re concentrating really hard on something like threating a needle?  That’s how my life as a Christian was for years.  I was trying to do things God’s way, but I couldn’t seem to do it.  Something was blocking my progress.

Then one day I was driving from Orange, Texas, to Galveston Island on a long stretch of road and I read a bumper sticker that said, “Let Go and Let God.”  Immediately, I recognized that the words were supplying the answer I was looking for.  I didn’t know why right away, though.

Gradually, I understood that the Christian life isn’t about trying to do things God’s way.  It’s about letting go of the steering wheel of our lives and letting God take control.  This is what the Holy Spirit is for.  We get out of the way…

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March 22, 2012

By way of Surrender

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Great message.

March 21, 2012

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I hope you’ll send in a prayer request! Lots of prayer time happening daily.

Daily Pep Talk

Did you ever come to the conclusion, when a life crisis stops you in your tracks, that God is sending you this message?


Slow Down!  Quit neglecting

the things of the Spirit!

Me, too.

Quiet time spent reflecting on God and praying has been a rare occurrence compared to the years when I commuted to Houston from the Clear Lake, Texas, or Alvin area.  All that drive time in bumper-to-bumper traffic was my big opportunity to sing, worship, and listen to sermon tapes.  Lately I’ve been missing all that time with God.

And wallah!  God arranged for me to have those times back, though in a different way.  Thank the Good Lord that, with these gas prices today, I don’t have to commute.  Instead, I will be dipping both of my arthritis-riddled hands in hot paraffin wax up to twice a day for 20 minutes per hand.  (Such wonderful…

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March 20, 2012

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After I wrote this blog for my site Daily Pep Talk, I read a devotional that affirmed my being on the right track with the post.

Daily Pep Talk

Good thing I dabble in sports euphemisms because this one is perfect for the topic, which is about those times when life throws a practically impossible pitch that you weren’t expecting.  Such as a sudden death in the family or a diagnosis of cancer.  God has allowed me (though hasn’t caused me) to develop a debilitating condition in my fingers.  It’s most likely osteoarthritis, and I’ll find out officially from a doctor soon.  My digits have knots on the joints, and my right middle finger has already become slightly deformed.  My fingers gradually got worse and now my job of writing is sometimes excruciating.

Unless God decides to do a miracle, which I believe he might, I’m looking at a whole new level of chronic pain that will worsen until I finally go to sleep and wake up in the presence of Jesus.  This disease is so serious, I will…

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March 19, 2012

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This article is posted on my primary website. Thank you for stopping by. Stay for a while and I hope you’ll also check out Daily Pep Talk. Have a blessed day!

Daily Pep Talk

Do you know about the guy in the Bible that God turned back the clock for?  (Related scriptures are below.)  It was very cool and the reality of the “missing time” has been proven by science.  Well, God did a similar trick for me today; it’s like the earth actually stood still.

I started praying for today yesterday; and I continued with prayer and meditation on the scriptures this morning.  As a result of prayer – because this is no coincidence (I’ve experienced this exact thing before) – I was more productive than I’ve been in ages:

  • Wrote 10 assignments
  • Went for a long walk
  • Spent quality time with the kids
  • Prepared for and completed a radio broadcast Bible study with the kids
  • Did a lot of work on my blogs
  • Played Word With Friends with lots of friends
  • Got a real inspiration for an invention that’s very clever (I…

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March 18, 2012

Join us for an Online Bible Study 3/18/12 at 5:30 pm CST

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Listen to
internet radio with Kids and the Bible on Blog Talk Radio
Tune in to our next  live episode March 18, 2012, at 5:30 p.m. CST.  Archives of all past radio broadcasts are available 24/7.
(I put the date wrong on the first posting.  I apologize!)

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